What is a Pedicab?

Pedicabs (also called bicycle rickshaws or bike taxis) are the fun, thrilling new way to get around San Diego.
Pedicab advertising in San Diego
Because, not only are bicycle rickshaws completely green and eco-friendly, but they are also a fresh, charming selling tool. You witness, by mixing outdoor promotions with direct marketing, we create a highly effective way of showing off your products to many consumers.
Get Your Own!
Whether it's for your own business marketing or just as fun way shuttle the family around, Elite Pedicabs can build you a custom bike taxi. Or, if you prefer, purchase a basic bicycle rickshaw or a used pedicab.

Pedicab advertising in San Diego works! So, for your next Convention Center trade show, you deserve high quality. Tirelessly, Elite Pedicabs has worked to give this to our clients for the past decade. Thus, earning our spot as one of the top Out of Home Media Providers in the area.

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What Do We Provide?

Elite provides vibrant, durable graphics placed on eco-friendly vehicles. Hence, bike taxis are a promotion option with one of the smallest carbon footprints. Thus, allowing you to get exposure and have pride in your choice at the same time.
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For their pedicab advertising in San Diego, Jardiance used a pedicab free ride sponsorship campaign.


Our bicycle rickshaw sponsorship opportunities let you organize fun and affordable transportation at your next trade show, conference or other special events.



In addition to corporate and sponsored transportation in downtown San Diego, Elite offers scenic and educational tours of the Gaslamp and waterfront.



Are you passionate about San Diego? Looking to share your love for the city? Are you a recent graduate looking for a second source of income. Or, a current student looking for a rewarding job with a flexible schedule?


Pedicab advertising in San Diego during a convention is a great way to get your message out

Why Choose Elite?

Elite is your first step to building out your San Diego campaign. Naturally, our customer service department is ready to make your publicity a reality. Contact us and see just how far we can take your brand. To shop available packages, Talk to our concierge team. We’ll be thrilled to bring your vision to life.

For more information on the San Diego Convention Center, please visit sandiego.org

To shop available packages, contact our concierge team. We’ll be thrilled to make your branding goals a reality.