Who We Are

Elite Pedicabs is one of the leading options for outdoor advertising in the nation. Because we were built by a crew of innovators, the Elite team takes pride in standing out among San Diego’s advertising. Elite is made up of lovers of San Diego. So, they are focused on uniting people with their beloved brands through fun eco-friendly transportation.

Sara Finder Director of Horrorfest

“After Dark Films promotes Horrorfest “8 Films to Die For” in creative and inventive ways each year. Making yourself...

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Convention Sponsorship in San Diego

At Elite, our goal is to equip you with eye-catching convention sponsorships. Plus, our fast, dedicated team is always ready to build you a custom wrapped pedicab. Also, we print all your graphics at our San Diego location. Get the best return on your investment. You will enjoy working with our professional team and share in the enthusiasm. It’s contagious!

Get More Impressions and Build More Relationships

We provide smooth passage, gliding through downtown streets (as well as other scenic regions) with friendly, informed, and delightful guides. Besides, the guides present your clients with a fun and relaxing way to travel. Whether you need a ride to a conference, movie release, event, wedding, or personal party, Elite will be there to pick you up in style. Whether you’re exhibiting at a San Diego trade show, holding a private party, or at an event where you need to boost your appearance, Elite is here to help. In addition to vibrant, rickshaw displays, every sponsorship package includes pre-booked free rides for attendees of your choice. Our friendly driver ambassadors will boldly represent your brand while making your guests feel right at home in America’s Finest City.
Tornier pedicab driver ambassador giving directcions

Tornier, exhibiting at a San Diego trade show, used branded pedicabs for their advertising.

How to Inquire

To shop available packages, contact our concierge team. We’ll be thrilled to make your branding goals a reality.

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