Bike Taxis, Your Eco-Friendly Advertising

You support "going green" in your day-to-day corporate projects, kudos! Here’s how to extend it to your San Diego advertising needs.

Have you thought of using eco-transportation for your event in San Diego? This type of transit is making a difference in pollution and global warming. What better way to show the world that your business cares than choosing eco-transport? Here’s how to plan green corporate transportation for your next event.

Doing Your Part

What exactly is “green” or “environmentally-friendly” transportation? Take a Bike! The carbon footprint of a cycle rickshaw is less than a tenth of the carbon footprint of a car. Pedicabs, also known as bike taxis, cycle rickshaws, or bike-cabs, provide a fun, fantastic way to get around a busy city. Besides, since they're human powered, they’re 100% Green. Additionally, bike taxis are fully customizable! Plus, Elite Pedicabs are a favorite, quick and easy transportation method.

How to Advertise on Your Pedicab

As noted before, bike taxis are customizable. There're many options, including simple panel ads or full wraps. In addition to your brand logo, booth number, and website, you can add a message promoting your devotion to environmentally-friendly transit. You’ll be surprised to learn the added benefits of a pedicab advertising campaign. Additionally, each of our pedicab operators is also a friendly Brand Ambassador who is committed to your brand. Our ambassadors can hand out flyers, samples, or any other collateral to make sure you get noticed.

How Many Pedicabs Will I Need?

That depends on your individual needs, budget and how many attendees at the convention. We will work with you to find a package that gets your message out without breaking the bank. Talk to us for an expert opinion on how many pedicabs you need to make your mark this convention season.

Is This Helpful for my Company?

Absolutely. Elite has the largest fleet of pedicabs in the world. Besides, by using a form of eco-friendly transit, your brand will become part of a movement that is both fun and eco-conscious. Plus, Elite promises a stress-free experience for your riders. Please think of us as an on-call chauffeur service. We’ll transport you and your team between hotels, convention events, and after-parties. You won’t have to give it another thought. Our friendly Brand Ambassadors will get you where you need to go. Contact us to talk about your goals!