Tim Warrell Marketing Manager ForTec Medical

With over 7,000 surgeons and practice staff attending the meeting, we wanted to find a creative method to drive awareness outside of the norm such as a billboard or at-show advertising. Our company has a new service in the ophthalmic market with new laser technology. Broad awareness was our goal, in conjunction with some classic Marcomm activities. Traditional at-show promotions did not seem to fit the bill as a banner or similar would be lost in a sea of other banners. Contracting with Elite Pedicabs was simple and surprisingly inexpensive. We contracted 20 pedicabs fitted with high-quality graphics running for 2 days around the convention center and social areas of San Diego. For a fraction of the cost of a major billboard, we got tremendous exposure to our audience in a fun (and useful) way. Our message was clearly noticed by a large number of people from comments and conversations we had. The return on investment was outstanding and I would recommend adding this fun and effective marketing tactic to a marketing plan to really engage the target audience and drive the message.
Downtown San Diego noticed the colorful signs hanging on the bikes and the riders decked out in t-shirts advertising our company. Using pedicabs as moving advertisements turned out to be an affordable, yet fresh way to create awareness for our business.